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You have everything within you to begin taking steps towards your deepest desires, right now if you choose. Within you lies a map, completely individual to you, that can be used to navigate your way to goals, dreams, desires. You don’t need to be in a particular time or place of your life to begin this work. 

Do you feel like you might be standing in one of these places?

  •  Desparation – Maybe you are feeling the need for change is greater than your brain’s desire to remain in the comfort (however uncomfortable) of habitual thinking and living. This might be in one area of life, or showing up as a theme across multiple areas.
  • Curiosity – Maybe you are feeling fairly settled in life, but something in the back of your mind keeps drawing your interest towards a goal or desire. Perhaps there is a desire to deepen relationships, further your career, make a life change, or gain confidence and footing in an area or areas of your life. 
  • Inspiration – Maybe you are feeling the pull towards something greater. You get excited when you think about your future. You might be ready to get clear, set goals, launch into something wild – who knows? The inspiration is flowing in all directions!

No matter where you are standing right here, right now, you can still follow the same process to become your own Master Navigator 

I offer a 6-month, 1:1 package where we will meet weekly to develop the skills, mindset, and internal authority to confidently navigate a challenge, dream, or general day to day life enhancement. 
Wow – doesn’t that sound cool? I don’t always want to change my life, but I sure as hell want to be my own master navigator! Coincidentally, I’ve made it my mission in life to help every single woman I can reach, to awaken to the knowledge of this internal navigation system, and teach them how to use it, so that they can actually become master navigators of their own lives, starting now. You can start immediately by joining my free private Facebook Group: Direct Reflect Expect Inner Circle

I’m not interested in teaching women to try to better themselves, I don’t believe there is a single thing wrong with one of you. You are worthy of the life you desire from the moment you enter this planet. I am interested, passionate, obsessed even, with teaching you to trust yourself. The principles are simple. Not always easy, but nothing worth anything in life is ever easy, right? Wrong! (We’ll get to that belief later.)

In fact, I am so passionate and believe so fully in you and your own ability to begin today, I’m going to tell you the process I use to take my clients from where there are, to moving towards their dream destination in life.  


You ready? Here it is:

Direct – your thoughts inward. Get quiet an identify where your feelings are showing up in the body. What does the feeling feel like? Where does it live? What is it trying to tell you? 
Reflect – Gather information from your external world to determine your current position. Just like when we take a trip, we need to know where we are, and we need a general idea of our destination (ie: goal, dream, desire)
Expect – Get into the feeling of expectation. By this, you want to conjure up the feeling of what it’s like having already reached your destination. It is important to note here that you are not focusing on the details of the outcome itself. You are focusing on the FEELING of that outcome

These three steps hold the key that unlocks everything you can imagine, quite literally. 

From this feeling place comes inspiration. Inspiration lifts the anchor on what would usually hold you back from making decisions from taking off. Inspiration surpasses fear and doubt, and allows for ‘what if’. Taking action from inspiration, whew that’s big. 

That’s it. That’s how it works. The world is, let’s face it, kind of crazy right now. It needs as many of us to show up with our internal compasses strong, allowing us to be sure-footed as we step into unknown territory. So don’t hesitate, start this process today. Let’s to begin investing in the you who has already reached that destination and is smiling proudly, confident that you will make it through all of the obstacles to come. Join my private Facebook Group: Direct Reflect Expect Inner Circle

I want to be clear when I say, you do not need to pay a coach a 1:1 program fee to learn to connect. You do not need to dedicate yourself to a weekly session to learn to interpret the information coming to you (your feelings). It is in no way mandatory to pay someone to hold you accountable to setting goals that lead to breakthroughs and shifts in your life and relationships. And a 1:1 coach will never be able to give the answer that ‘fixes’ you or ‘takes’ you to success. So, if you are feeling like you don’t need a coach in a 1:1 capacity, I invite you to join my private Facebook group: Direct Reflect Expect Inner Circle, where you will learn a ton of tools and have the chance to implement them with a community of others working on this same process.

I also want to be clear that the value of having someone walk through this process with you is almost immeasurable. Working with a coach, particularly someone who is an expert in teaching the tools of self navigation, saves every type of energy imaginable. You are absolutely capable of doing this work, and I’m a guide who can help you get there a whole heck of a lot faster.

Imagine living in a landlocked state in the times before the internet, never having even seen a body of water larger than a swimming pool, and you’ve decided you’d like to sail the coast because you read in a book that it would be an amazing adventure. You would need to learn about boats, how to navigate seas, gather correct equipment specific to your vessel, read maps and determine which navigational tools to use in the day vs. night vs. a storm vs. calm waves. There are countless other things you will be thinking of, sometimes there will be confusion, perhaps you will focus on what color your sail should be and then later realize you should have focused on the fabric and stitch quality. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had an expert that could guide you to make the decisions and get the equipment that would suit your trip best? Wouldn’t it be amazing if this guide could help you refocus when you start looking at rail sconces when you would be served better by focusing on the upcoming narrow, shallow canal that threatens to get you stuck. An expert guide saves time, money, confusion, energy, and cuts the crap. 

I’m one of those experts. There are a lot of types. Some guide you in specific ways. Some feel you have to do things their way. Some feel they can read your map because they have read their own, and don’t realize you don’t have the same legend or key. I’m the expert that guides you to make and trust your own choices. I’m the expert that helps you realize your desires. I’m the expert that holds your vision, and brings you back to it so that you stay inspired to stay the course. I’m the expert that knows there are always obstacles to navigate, always a few times where we need to turn back and find another way, and always a chance that you will be blown off course for a bit. I’m the expert whose been there and knows you are ready. I’m the coach that gets you where you want to go, your way.

What's the deal with packages?

Unlike working with a consultant, where you get advice from an outside expert to meet a specific set of deliverables, working with a Life Coach is to be guided through an internal journey, ultimately navigated by you. We do this through curiosity, reflection, SMART goal setting, and other tools.

Because we are setting attainable goals to create lasting change, a complete coaching experience cannot be completed in just one session but is also not designed for a client to continue to need a guide forever. This is not therapy. I am simply your facilitator, teaching you to tap in, get your tools, create your goals, see some results, and let you soar! 

In complete honesty, three months has shown, over and over, to be a sweet spot for creating real life changing results and improvements. Three months is often said to be the amount of time needed to create a habit and stick to it. However, it has been my experience that while three months is a good amount of time to create change, the next couple of months can see your brain wanting to go back to its original, comfortable habits. In six months, life comes up. Obstacles happen. We learn to deal with easy and challenging seasons, and learn to bounce back if we begin to slip. Therefore, when you work with me, we meet weekly over the course of six-months.

Curious and want to learn more? Let’s make a date.

Click below to contact me for a discovery call. In this call we’ll talk about what you might be looking to change, shift, or grow. We’ll talk about how you might start taking immediate steps towards your desires, and determine if working together would be right to get you moving on your journey. I have all the confidence in the world that you will know if this is right. Take a pause, check in, and take that first step now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is partnering with a client or group of clients in a creative, compassionate and thought provoking way, that inspires them to identify their own inner strengths and wisdom in order to identify steps and actionable goals to attain their personal life vision. Jamie Speak: I’ll listen to you, reflect your beliefs through curiosity, compassion, and some intuitive guidance based on your responses, to help lead you to a life of freedom. Be that freedom from negative thoughts, too much busyness, numbing behaviors,  unconscious patterns, or anything else that comes to mind. This is a practical journey with actionable results, intended to lead to lasting change.

These days, anyone and everyone can hire a life coach. The key is to find one with whom you resonate with. The person who hires me may not be the same person who hires a Tony Robbins type coach. No matter who you are or who you resonate to, there is immense value in the process.

While a client can leave a coaching session feeling as though it were therapeutic, coaching is NOT therapy. These two modalities can often be used in conjunction with a lot of success. If a client agrees to take me on as their coach and they are in some form of therapy, I ask that they divulge our relationship and work to their therapist.

There are many accreditations or certifications that one can earn to call themselves a coach. I became certified through the Life Designer Coaching Academy, founded by Julie Reisler.

This is a great question that comes up often. A consultant usually has a specific area of expertise, and will use that expertise to give their client advice or directions on how to meet a deliverable. A coach may have expertise in an area, or multiple areas, but recognizes that the real expert is the client. The coach is committed to holding space and guiding their client to recognize and utilize their innate strengths and values to meet and achieve goals.

At this time I have only worked with female clients. I am open to a discovery call with anyone who resonates with my work, and we can see how I can best serve you.

I have a couple more questions

Have you poured through the info, slept on it, read the blogs, asked a friend, and still need more information? Shoot me an email here!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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