Welcome to the Design Your December Intention Mastermind Group

My signature (Human) Design your December Mastermind is for take-charge, responsible women who carry the load no matter how big or heavy it feels. She is frustrated by her inability to succeed at her deeply personal goals. She wants to make real, sustained progress toward achieving her big dreams without letting anyone down.

She wants to feel as impressive as everyone tells her she is, and she knows the key is somewhere on the inside!

She may feel a bit guilty or even a little ashamed about wanting to focus on her desires because she fears that means dropping current responsibilities. However, deep inside, she knows some of the load she holds onto is not hers, and letting go will free up time, energy, and resources for her to pursue her curiosities, passions, and purpose.

Hearing “Put your oxygen mask on first” may make her roll her eyes, but the idea of being able to be there for her world WHILE feeling like the confident, creative, passionate woman she’s been dreaming of makes her roll up her sleeves. She’s not looking for the next quick fix – she wants to experience stepping into the new year with inner authority and a process to be responsible to herself first so that she can show up as her best for everyone else.

Sound A Little Bit Like You?

You might be a good fit if:


  • You have dreams and goals and do not want to wait until January 1st to join the New Year, New You frenzy to get started.
  • You are already wondering how you will keep to every commitment, to-do, and extra surprise invite this holiday season while staying on track.
  • You find yourself excited about the future you can imagine, but then you aren’t sure how you could ever get there with all you have going on.
  • You know deep wisdom lies within you, and you want to learn how to access it to become your own Master Navigator.

Join us now if you’re ready to open up to your unique design and unfold your purpose through joyful discovery!

During your 6 week Design Your December Mastermind, Here’s what you can expect: 

  1. First of all, we’re going to kick off with a 90-minute (Human)Design Your December 1:1 session. This is where you will tell me a little bit about yourself, what goals or areas you would like to work on in December (business, health, personal), and what seems to have worked and not worked in the past. In this session, I will present you with your unique Master Navigators’ Map using an intuitive analysis of your Human Design Chart. We will weave this information into your current goals, excavate some hidden expectations that may arise, and design a path for the course of the 5-week Mastermind.
  2. Once we’ve got that figured out, it’s time to thrive. Each week has up to 4 hours of 30 minute-zoom sessions which include a mix of peer and coach support. You get to decide how many or few of these calls you join each week as you practice creating positive results and evidence using your Internal Guidance System. These calls include everyone in this program and are led by me – so you’ll never be alone
  3. As the month pushes on, you’ll be hearing from me to check in on how you are feeling about the goals we set together. Our coach/client relationship will hold you in support throughout the month as you embark on your journey to become a Master Navigator.
  4. Finally, we’ll bring the whole group together on the last day of the year. We’ll celebrate our wins, wrap up our learnings, and strategize for the year ahead. 

 During this program, we will absolutely be working on holding boundaries, but I will also be checking in with you and holding space for the feelings that come up as you practice a new way of decision making. You’ll receive emotional support as we shift the way you show up in any or all areas of your life – in this container, you are held as a human, and all the feelings are fully accepted here. 

Alright Jamie, this sounds awesome, what’s the investment?

  • The price for this program is $555, due before the first session is scheduled.   

Okay Jamie, this sounds badass, I’m 100% in! What’s next?

  • Set up your 1:1 session here, and let’s have the best holiday season EVER! 

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