Learning to trust yourself when making decisions changes everything

Human Design Your Journey

Weekly Group Coaching
1:1 Session Kickoff
Lifetime Community Access and Support

You are uncovering your inner authority, self-trust, and confidence to show up and take inspired action without waiting for certainty.

In my coaching programs, you learn to see failure and success not as endpoints, but rather as data points on your life’s journey. We are experiential beings. We have senses, feelings, and natural energetic wisdom to guide us through our environment. I help you see these as your internal guidance system, and use it to live life feeling empowered, filled with inner authority, and a freedom to show up fully as YOU.

Here’s what you can expect to gain when you enroll in this group coaching program:

  • An understanding of how to respond to the world around you that feels most natural 
  • A deeply genuine community where you can practice authenticity, receive support, get questions answered, and explore elements of your Human Design in an even richer way
  • An awareness of your innate ability to succeed when you stop using your external circumstances as your only measuring stick


Are you ready?

This program might be for you if:

  • You want to feel healthy and comfortable in your skin but don’t want one more diet or self-improvement program
  • You have a vision of success in so many areas of your life, but struggle with finding a clear path to where to begin
  • You love to learn more about yourself through different modalities such as personality tests, astrology, journal work, etc
  • You learn best by doing. Practice and self-evaluation are key elements to this program

Cost: $1,500 for program and lifetime access to the community.
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Hi! I’m Jamie,

I became a life coach dedicated to helping women rediscover their inner authority and sense of self-trust.

My journey includes breaking down my beliefs about whom I was supposed to be when I stopped drinking alcohol in 2019. I had to learn to accept my current circumstances in active addiction while reaching for something better, freedom.

This daily act of deciding how I wanted to feel over what I wanted to do or what I thought I should do (peer pressure is hard when you quit drinking) helped me build a sense of the internal guidance system I speak of.

Once I realized I could create results by listening to myself, I felt unstoppable. I’ve since lost 120 lbs, married the love of my life, and have a wonderful career and a lot of time to have fun with my kids and chickens and cats. I get to laugh and love, creating a lot of abundance with no stress.

My journey and results might sound crazy, but only because we’ve been taught to ignore the incredible power we have to create these results. When you start to practice, you will see what I’m talking about. 

I’m so excited for you to begin your journey.

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