Inner Navigation System Expert

Jamie Cole Cerna

Did you know if you have a desire to do something new, try something bigger, or show up deeper or in a way you never have, you have it within you to begin today?

I’m not kidding. This isn’t motivational fluff or happy mindset talk. This is real. This is living life with an awareness of intentional creation.

We all have a map inside of us. Many of our maps may have similar-looking landmarks, suggested destinations, turbulent waters, and terrain that spans from easy flat fields to what can look like treacherous, impassable mountains. Each of our maps however is individualized. So while we can look to others to see how they have navigated, it is ultimately up to us to choose how we travel through our lives and determine our ultimate destinations.

Do you know what’s amazing about a map? You don’t even have to believe you will make it to your destination to start using it to make progress. You can use it to take one step forward at a time, learning the terrain and gaining your footing along the way. There are no places you cannot explore. As you grow in your navigating skills, the map reveals itself to be more detailed, and expressive, with areas not noticed with an unpracticed eye.

How do I know this? I know because I’ve been learning how to use mine for quite some time, and it hasn’t failed me yet.
  •  I didn’t know how to stop being addicted, but my map revealed a way
  •  I didn’t believe I could lose weight at all, and yet following my map led me to lose 100 lbs and feel healthier than ever
  •  I couldn’t fathom ever dating again after my first marriage. I didn’t believe it was in the cards. But eventually, I had the desire for a relationship. I was sure that desire would be unmet, and yet now  I’m so so blessed in my marriage with an incredibly supportive partner

I followed my map using my inner compass

Each time I rely on my inner compass and map, I am steered in the next right direction. We can all do this.

Here’s the kicker. We can do this alone, or we can save some time and energy and find ourselves someone who has experience in teaching the principles of our internal navigation system. Who does that? Me. Hiiiiii. To get to know me and to get started right now you can join our Private Facebook Group: Direct Reflect Expect Inner Circle

The world needs us at our most authentic empowered selves, willing to show up and bring everything to the table with inner authority.

Why a coach?

Working with a Life Designer™ Coach differs from consulting or counseling. While each of these modalities is valuable, they are used in different ways. Coaching goes deep into those sneaky beliefs that you might not see otherwise that hold you back. Our work together will help you get clear on your desires, your greatest visions, your dreams and your goals. Perhaps you struggle with knowing where you want to be, but everything you try just lands you right back in the same spot. Coaching will help you uncover what is underneath that to create a lived experience that is powerful, joyful, and feels filled with purpose. This is a proven methodology that includes asking powerful questions, uncovering beliefs, and creating actionable steps to achieve results.

Light Reflection

Direct your focus...

You have to know where you are in order to map your destination

Light Reflection

Reflect your vision...

Our worlds are a mirror which reflects back to us our relationship to our surroundings

Light Reflection

Expect your shift...

The process of aligning with our highest vision of ourselves starts with the first step

Everyone could use a coach sometimes...

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