Empowered Women Using
Human Design

Reclaim your time, show your unique brilliance, and feel self-assured in your decisions.

Are you a busy woman who finds herself making all the decisions but only feels seen if she’s doing things for someone else? 

You want to be recognized as the woman you can feel on the inside. The powerful soul who brings so much more than the contributions expected of her day in and day out.

It’s time to embrace a powerful map you can use to find time and confidence to get seen as you – Human Design.

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Imagine a life where every decision you make doesn’t come with the worry of who you let down. Picture yourself deciding to try something bold, perhaps booking a massage, starting a hobby that takes up time on the weekend, committing to a wellness goal, or selling your jewelry online. Once you have decided, you find a way to make it happen with almost no hesitation and a lot of assurance that you will find the path as you go. Does this sound impossible? Then you absolutely should be in my world.  

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"In the very short time we've been working together, Jamie has helped me rewrite stories I've held about myself for as long as I can remember. I've tried therapy, hypnosis, everything, and Jamie has helped me release years of shame with just a few sessions" - Kim R.